Eros & Intimacy – A new way of relating

with SANNA SANITA (Facilitator) & Matthias Schwenteck (Guest-Teacher)

Do you long for more deep meaningful relationships, intimacy, self love and to cultivate sexual energy to live more empowered in all aspects of your life?

If you really want to create real intimacy and depth with others, you want to cultivate source energy from deep within. Starting with yourselve. In intimate meetings you also want to own & unleash lust, fire and desire – own the animal instinct. Cus its natural. Simultaneously explore the deep waters of exquisite sensitivity in stillness with another. In the end, its a spiritual practice, when we go beyond the desire for another learning the longing for surrender in the human heart – we become fulfilled, from within.

This weekend, we will explore just that!

We will explore pleasure as a gateway to awakening, empowerment, true power, strengthening & creating deeper relationships, accessing the infinite, increase masculine & feminine polarity for passion, learn more about your boundaries, increase orgasmic capacity, learn personal patterns, stay in power, devotion, aliveness, richness, live more meaningful, fulfillment and last but not least, true joy.

It will be a juicy weekend filled with exercises, topics and experiences that will empower and enlighten you. Wherever you are, there is more discover and we can always practice deeper when it comes to source. Sometimes we even been so deep within that we forget the play in human relating and the lessons in that. This weekend will be for you in either end pf the spectra, where you then can intertwine it into a living prayer, devotion, presence and authentic living combined with fun, polarity practice, pleasure activation and tantric meetings.

We will explore

  • Learn the pleasure meditation, it will change your life forever
  • Discover intimacy through the 5 elements
  • Tantric meetings and heartfelt connections
  • Access and circulate Eros
  • Activate pleasure beyond pleasure, learn an actual system of self activation and to live even more high on life in everyday
  • Polarity practice
  • Circulate eros in yourself, with partner and through a group
  • Giving & Receiving as a profound spiritual practice and ultimate surrender
  • Mind & Matter. Learn Practical tools on ego relaxation and how to navigate thought structures
  • Life mastery, learn how you can live as true power and what that means
  • Devotion & surrender. Discover the true longing of the human heart, and learn the depth of tenderness
  • Play party
  • Orgasmic breathing
  • Single, couple and group exercises
  • The dance of the moment, let the group soul show its way
  • Sharing circle & personal guidance
  • Dance and a lot of fun!

Tantra and de-armouring teacher (founder of the “Dearmouring Training School”, embodiment and empowerment expert & spiritual amplifier. Sanna is passionate human potential & spiritual awakening and all her work goes under the umbrella of liberation. She believes in living fully freely embodied as a human being and cultivate deep relationship with source. Currently, Sanna travels the world, sharing various forms such as tantra, sacred sexuality, de-armouring, spiritual awakening, empowered living, ecstatic expression and more through private sessions, trainings, educations, workshops and seminars. She strives to live in a world where we meet in mutual respect and honor, daring to live authentic and true to our core. She is a power house of love and joy, she holds a space with much humor and at times fierce love.

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Guest-Teacher: Matt Schwenteck
I am on the path of Tantra since 20 years, a student, a practitioner and facilitator of the of the Wheel of Consent since 2011 and co-founder of the school of consent with Betty Martin in 2018. I have been trained by Betty Martin, assisting and co-facilitating workshops, trainings and retreats and individual consent sessions worldwide. My main teachings are a somatic blend of the Polyvagal Theory and the Wheel of Consent for therapeutic touch, healing, pleasure, empowerment and play. I am a TRE provider, Cuddle Party Facilitator and Ritual Play Facilitator in training.

: The weekend will be held in English – with German translation occasionally (nur fallweise Übersetzung ins Deutsche)
Non-residential: This retreat is a non-residential retreat (lodging and food is NOT included)
Accommodation: There are simple sleeping opportunities available for EUR 15,-/night/person (limited spaces; please let us know if you need a space)
Participation: You can participate alone or with your partner.
Level: this weekend is for intermediate/advanced tantric explorers (not for beginners!)

Date: Friday Sept 27th until Sunday Sept 29th, 2019 (Fri 27.09. – Sun 29.09.2019)
Schedule: Fri 10:00 – 20:00, Sat 10:00 – 22:00, Sun 10:00 – 17:00 (three full days!!!)
Venue: Seminarzentrum Bewusst Sein im Fokus, Neubaugasse 44, 1070 Vienna, Austria
Fee per person:
– Relaxed bird EUR 330,-SOLD OUT
– Relaxed bird COUPLES EUR 660,– – SOLD OUT
– Awakened bird EUR 290,- –  SOLD OUT
WAITING LIST – if you do want to join this event please use the opportunity of the waiting. As soon as we have a spot available we will contact you.  So please sign up and leave your eMail address. Thank you!

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