Kundalini Energetic Bodywork – Retreat

Masculine and Feminine Integration Therapy
with Elliott Saxby (Facilitator)

Experimental and immersive retreat to explore, deepen, polarise, and integrate the Masculine and Feminine polarities within ourselves through the practices of Body Dearmouring, Energetic Bodywork, and Breathwork.

By acknowledging that we all (men and women) have inner masculine and feminine energies, and that both of these have mature and immature expressions as well as healthy, unhealthy, shadow and integrated ones, we stop judging things as good or bad, right or wrong. By exploring, healing and aligning the feminine and masculine energies within us we are able to live in more healthy, balanced and relaxed way and are able to live harmonious relationships – with ourselves and others.

The polarity framework teaches us to use the law of duality with the law of polarity, to free ourselves from polarisation and a black and white existence. We learn to judge-less and to love and forgive more, both ourselves and others. Instead of viewing ourselves as a victim, depressed, angry or violent, the polarity frameworks allows us to dissociate ourselves from our issues so that we can see that we are not our issues. It supports us in finding if our issues are more connected to masculine or feminine traits, and from here it provides us with simple systems to heal and resolve our issues on the physical, mental and emotional levels, coming back to a state of health, happiness and balance.

This is what you will explore this week:

  • Learn to judge less and forgive more
  • Use the Polarity Framework from the book, Masculine & Feminine Polarity Work
  • Practice M&F dialogue work from the non-dual perspective
  • Explore our relationships to power, hierarchy, trust, leadership and surrender
  • Learn the foundations of body de-armouring, breathwork and energetic bodywork
  • Learn how to energetically work with our own and others blocks around sex, money, power, safety and security
  • Activate kundalini energy in the body as a creative and healing force
  • Practice energetic bodywork as a modality to bridge dual and non-dual states
  • Learn to work from a multi-dimensional perspective with energetic patterns and fractals
    • in the body (3rd dimension)
    • in time and in the mind (4th dimension)
    • and in the emotional body that is beyond linear time (5th dimension)
  • Give and receive energetic bodywork sessions

Different emotions, traumas and energies can arise during the week, sexual energy and the transmutation of it is welcomed and encouraged, but it is not the focus

What else to expect:
Group bonding

  • Caco ceremonies
  • Dancing
  • Meditation/light exercise
  • Optional yoga classes each morning and evening
  • Mainly organic vegan diet with optional intermittent fasting for the best flow of energy
  • Evening fire by the lake
  • Learn new things, gain new skills and make new friends
  • For your life to change

This week retreat is suitable for people with no prior experience on a self-development journey and for therapists and practitioners looking to expand their skills and knowledge in an informal setting.

More about the work:

We all have an inner Masculine and an inner Feminine, and this has nothing do with gender. Both our Masculine and Feminine have mature and immature expressions: as well as heathy and unhealthy, shadow, and integrated ones. In this week retreat we will explore these expressions through our mental, emotional and physical bodies, learning how to use both polarity and duality for our own evolution.

– Mental body:
Working with the four maps to understand our relationship to different polarities and how we can move from unconscious reactive behaviour into conscious proactive behaviour.

Identifying where we are on the maps, what triggers us, and exploring our relationships:

– with ourselves
– with our parents and children (the archetypal Mother, Father and Child)
– with our friends, and colleagues
– in our partnerships
Developing clear intentions for how our lives will change, and knowing that we will have learned a simple and effective framework for navigating polarity. One that we can always fall back on if unconscious reactive behaviours return.

– Emotional body:
Through breathing techniques we learn how to access the emotional body.

Including emotional information into our day-to-day life means we make better integrated decisions, have clearer access to our intuition, and don’t store new negative energies and traumas in the body. We will also learn how to feel our emotions more clearly and use them to raise our vibration.

– Physical body:
Learning how to use the Masculine and Feminine energetic pathways in our bodies and simple techniques to release traumas and emotional/mental patterns.

Exploring different ways to breathe that allow conscious awareness to move between the physical, emotional, and mental bodies. Each body gives us access to different information and intelligences that can enrich our lives.

The physical body is accessed through a set of simple exercises that allows energy to move through us: relaxing the nervous system, releasing old energy, heightening our vibration, and improving our wellbeing.


Not perfect, enlightened or a Guru, I’m a lover of life, duality, my ego, my light, my dark and sense of separation, but I know all of these things are partial truths, or part of the illusion as so many say. Through my work I’m committed to creating an illusion (a reality), that we are all happy to live in and can expand consciousness from.

Through various paths of knowledge and training I have developed an approach to energy work where the premise is to bridge dual and non-dual states, learning to work from a multi-dimensional perspective and understanding how energetic patterns and fractals work in our bodies (3rd dimension) and in time (4th dimension) and how to change these. I also specialise in teaching people how to wake up and activate Kundalini energy in their body as a creative and healing force instead of one only associated with enlightenment.

I see no difference between spiritual energy, sexual energy, and healing energy. For real healing and other breakthroughs we need to be comfortable with, and harness our sexual energy. This work is best achieved with a gender polarity, be it physical or identified. A base of the work is recognising that we all have an inner masculine and an inner feminine.

In brief: I moved to an Ecovillage with a big Buddhist influence in my early 20’s. After 6 years there I traveled to Asia studying massage and yoga. In 2017 after studying more Taoist practices I came back to bodywork professionally. Through healing my own traumas, learning to forgive and keep an open heart without loosing my integrity my Kundalini became active and now stays mostly open. I feel blessed and privileged to share this experience with others who are open to it in a helpful healing and transformative way. Please see the videos on my blog to learn more about my work www.elliottsaxby.com/blog or search for my book https://mfpolaritywork.com/

More about Elliott: www.elliottsaxby.com

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