Radiant Woman – Awaken True Power

A Tantra weekend for women with SANNA SANITA

Do you want to live a life empowered and from fullness?

Do you want to learn how to cultivate life force energy, feel more pleasure and become radiant and powerful? Do you wish to learn empowerment skills on a personal and spiritual level so life can be lived full freely and creative, beyond norms of society? Do you wish to master tools to cultivate the truth of who you are? To be the gift that you are born to be?

When you unlock your true sexual energy you will notice that you become magnetic. People are drawn to you even from across the room. You will emit an energetic glow that others notice. When you are balance and in love with yourself you will attract a partner who is also in balance.

This weekend is dedicated to female power, to women in a female body wanting to expand their orgasmic potential. Its dedicated to cultivate and activate life force, sensitivity and aliveness so You can express yourself more freely and powerful. You will learn profound tools and skills that will support you in the process of understanding the technology of vibration, life force energy and self mastery. We are all energy beings, and through unlock inner potential we can manifest a desired life, achieve more success, more meaningful relationships, deeper connection with source and self love.

This weekend, You will discover the potency of receiving as a spiritual practice. To come in contact with the greater. We work through the body, mind and soul with a red thread of activating sexual energy aka life force energy.

Life force energy is our True Power, when we properly learn self activation there is a whole range of pieces falling into place. Its a simple powerful practice but its not easy. Most of us resist taking self responsibility, many of us don’t even know how to, and few knows the power of simply surrendering and receiving spirit itself.

When the direct understanding lands, life will forever be changed.
I invite you, women in power, with a curious mind, feeling the calling in heart for something more in life. Who are connected with the inner pull. Who are ready to take a stand, make a shift and flower into the gift that YOU ARE. I invite You, who simply are ready to jump, to free yourself and to live a rich life chosen and fulfilled from within. This is for you who wanna take the next step of your evolution in living fully aligned and in connection with truth.

You will explore & discover

♠ Pleasure activation techniques for profound powerful living
♠ PranaSanna – uniquely designed breath work
♠ Self empowerment practices
♠ Self de-armoring
♠ G-spot activation
♠ Cervix activation
♠ Explorations of erogenous zones
♠ The art of receiving
♠ Energy activation
♠ Pleasure meditation
♠ Embody feminine archetypes and how to use them in everyday life
♠ Technology of thought and matter
♠ Explore your Genius
♠ Womanifest, through turning on your magnetism
♠ Money de-coding & create more abundance
♠ Sharing
♠ Sisterhood and sister healing

and more which is in the flow …

Tantra and de-armouring teacher (founder of the “Dearmouring Training School”), embodiment and empowerment expert & spiritual amplifier. Sanna is passionate human potential & spiritual awakening and all her work goes under the umbrella of liberation. She believes in living fully freely embodied as a human being and cultivate deep relationship with source. Currently, Sanna travels the world, sharing various forms such as tantra, sacred sexuality, de-armouring, spiritual awakening, empowered living, ecstatic expression and more through private sessions, trainings, educations, workshops and seminars. She strives to live in a world where we meet in mutual respect and honor, daring to live authentic and true to our core. She is a power house of love and joy, she holds a space with much humor and at times fierce love.

Read more: www.sannasanita.com.
Check out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=flpdioWpuOY

Language: The weekend will be held in English – with German translation occasionally (nur fallweise Übersetzung ins Deutsche)
Non-residential: This weekend is a non-residential retreat (lodging and food is NOT included)
Accommodation: There are simple sleeping opportunities available for EUR 15,-/night/person (limited spaces; please let us know if you need a space)
Participation: for women who want to grow and expand
Level: this weekend is for intermediate/advanced tantric explorers
Required: you need to have a good amount of personal development in the background!

Date: cancelled due to travel restrictions
Schedule: Fri 10:00 – 20:00, Sat 10:00 – 20:00, Sun 10:00 – 17:00  (three full days!!!)
Venue: Seminarzentrum Bewusst Sein im Fokus, Neubaugasse 44, 1070 Vienna, Austria
Fee per person:
EARLY BIRD EUR 290,- (+EUR 5,- payment fee)  – SOLD OUT!
REGULAR EUR 330,- (+ EUR 5,- payment fee)

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