Super Lover


Do you want to improve/explore/expand your relationship to pleasure and experience a deep connection with yourself and your partner?
Do you want to explore conscious sexuality, do you want to feel alive, and climb to higher states of pleasure and intimacy?
Do you want to give and receive pleasure and be a super lover for your partner?
Do you want to move beyond Vanilla Sex and experience both tenderness and wildness?
Do you want to get rid of pain and numbness in your body, heart and genitals?
Do you want to overcome guilt and shame in bed and in your relationship?
Do you want to own your desires and want to feel empowered in life and bed? 
Do you want to explore your pleasure in privacy and create your own retreat according to your needs?
Then this exclusive retreat is for you!

During this program you are going to explore and expand your capacity of pleasure. You will – as a woman or man – neither be equipped with more tools nor will you learn more techniques but you will experience to FEEL EMBODIED and CONNECTED to your pleasure, sensuality and sexuality so that your relationship and lovemaking becomes a natural dance of joy, pleasure and ecstasy between you and your partner.

When we feel pleasure, we feel alive. We all want to be alive. We have an enormous capacity of pleasure in the body. Every inch and cell of our body can experience pleasure. Once activated we experience pleasure with all our senses – eyes, ears, nose, mouth, skin, … and there  is no way back!
Let’s start!

The Menu

  • Activating hips & pelvis
  • Breath, Move & Sound
  • Orgasmic Breathing
  • Emotional Release Exercises
  • Owning your emotions
  • Holding space for your lover
  • Giving & Receiving
  • Energizing the body
  • Expanding Energy in the Body
  • Pleasure Activation
  • Feeling more pleasure
  • (Re)Sensitising your Body
  • Full Body Dearmouring
  • Self-Dearmouring
  • Sexual Healing (Dearmouring) Yoni & Lingam
  • (Re)Sensitising your Yoni & Lingam
  • Intuitive Massage
  • Orgasms & Full body orgasm
  • Liberating your desires

…. and more


  • personal retreat
  • bodywork & exercises
  • one or more days
  • English, German
  • traveling possible*


  • personal retreat
  • bodywork & exercises
  • one or more days
  • English, German
  • traveling possible*

This exclusive program is available on request and application only.
A day consists of an 8 hours program, excl. breaks.
There are no sexual interactions between me and client.
*travel expenses will be charged separately